Tuesday, January 31, 2012

oh January

you have been good to me
this first month of a sparkly new year.

there has been much gratitude.
and so much fun.
there was fresh  snow
and wonderful dates
to share with loved ones.

there have been many lessons learned
and a whole lot of hot tears.

journals written and painted and glued in
balance sought and sometimes found.

more pain than i have experienced during this journey
and an understanding of some of the many  gifts that are being given to me.

i dabbled in poetry
and we rearranged our house.
i continue to work away at my resolutions.

i feel that today,
after emerging from six long days of pain
that January has been more than i could have hoped for.
i am learning to slowly embrace this year and all that it holds for me.
there has been this crazy bouncing from solid to shaky
back to solid again
because i am seeing that

when i am fatigued everything is louder...you know?
the wonderful and the hard.
just louder.
i am striving to listen.
January has begun to teach me how.

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