Saturday, January 21, 2012

this week's gratitude...

beautiful, soft snow. such a quiet morning. bread rising. art journaling. celebrating Thad's birthday.caring for Caleb.warm hoodies. tylenol. warm hands from washing dishes. a random dime from a stranger. indie stores with quotes handwritten on the walls.

instagram conversations. refund money. snow photo shoot. boys sledding and snowball fighting. candlelight.a happier Tejan according to his mommy.

banana bread to share. perspective gained. thank you notes on napkins. fingerless gloves. the whole family home tonight.the ability to take caleb to the dentist. drop in visits from mom and dad. a whole lot of laughter upstairs. the drip, drip, dripping of melting snow. candlelit lanterns. blog love. wooly tights. letters to mail. letters in my mailbox!

the arrival of a cookie fairy. unexpected dinner guest.

a quiet morning with a hot cup of tea. Gid's last day of school!
homemade almond milk hot chocolate (danger!danger!) handmade celebration signs. poetry that arrives in the mail. a family that is growing closer all the time. sweater warmth.

date night!

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