Sunday, January 1, 2012

my favorite day of the year!

this is it!
today is my favorite day of the year
the possiblities are all shiny and bright.

oh i know,
really we just flipped the page on a calendar
it's a nice, blank, clean calendar
and it can be filled with as little or as much as you like
how cool is that?

this morning,
while bemoaning my stomach bug
i was at the same time
gushing at owen about all the ideas, the plans, the projects
the possiblities of
and he smiled patiently at me
as i wrote madly on my poster board of ideas.
"you are awesome" he sweetly said
as i launched into idea number 52 or so
and it was then
that i reilized
today truly is my favorite day of the year!


  1. you ARE awesome!
    looking forward to reading about your 52+ ideas throughout this year!

  2. Many happy returns of the day! And that's one idea for each week, isn't it? SO organized, Tania, even in your bubbling zeal... My take-away from this post is admiration for how well you get along with calendars. Me, I'm trying - but I still feel like I'd be happier without them.

    Nice blog, by the way ;)