Friday, January 6, 2012

list one of 2012

(each day i record things i am grateful for-every once in a while i record them here)

no baby gates to navigate, Thad's increasingly confident driving skills, slippers,the ache in muscles that comes from exercise, not sickness., a shared pot of tea with hannah, hannah reading her novel peacefully, stew bubbling on the stove, the soothing presence of my husband, my journals, her ability and willingness to say NO! (so proud, i am),a big blank book to record this year

recognizing fear and facing it head on, sleeping in, the rhythmic pattern of rain, the soothing balm of a perfect poem, hot tears, rain walks, reilizations about oneself, Thad going to the pool to swim laps, spending the entire evening in the presence of my laughter filled family

waking up to the smell of pancakes, even when you can't eat them-they still smell delicious, waking up with much more courage than the day before, indulging in (just one) cup of Earl Gray Tea (caffeine is a no-no for me),the feeling of alive muscles from exercise, tea with hannah, handwritten letters, the satisfaction of slow cooked meals, hannah's laughter, Gideon leaning up against the counter listening to me reading The Chrysalid's to Hannah, Thad cooking for Gideon

the freedom to stay in bed when i am sick, the grace my friends and family extend me when i need to cancel plans due to feeling under the weather, a pot of tea, warm hoodies with the hood cinched up tight, brave-brave mama's doing their very best with honesty and vulnerabliltiy, yoga and the girl, perfect books that find me, turning up the heat and not feeling guilty

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