Tuesday, January 17, 2012

not all who wander are lost...

i have been
wandering these past few weeks.
hesitantly, unwillingly, slowly
at first.
not sure if i had invited myself to wander
or in a sense been told to.
( i dislike strongly being "told" to do anything)
but each day,
each morning as i wake up
and ask myself
"what do you want to do today"
i find myself enjoying the wandering more and more.

i have three saying above my computer
that help me focus my intentions each day.
one says
"speak only workds that make souls stronger"
and one
" check your balance"
and then
"not all who wander are lost"

this helps me remember
that the path isn't alway clear cut and straight.
the path is sometimes fast and furious
and other times very slow and steady.
sometimes there are obstacles and boundaries
and detour signs.
but along the path,
there is learning and growing and stretching.
 and suprises!
and laughter and tears too.

i am blessed beyond measure
to have a year that allows me to ask myself
"what do i want to do today"
and i am taking it very seriously..
in a lighthearted sort of way.

today my wandering looked like this:
reading a very important book that is propelling me along a spiritual journey.
doing "chicken" chores
school work with hannah
sweeping and cleaning
a winter wonderland photoshoot
searching endlessly for my bucket of gesso
organizing a closet
editing baby bump photos
blog hopping
dinner preparing
so many cups of tea
lots and lots of dishes
(our DW is broken but i love doing dishes)
staring out the window alot at the beautiful snow.
joining a 41 day collaborative

i am far from lost.
it's good for me to remember this.
my wanderings may be slower and more quiet
than i am used to but they are teaching me so much.
so much.
and i am grateful.

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