Saturday, January 14, 2012

standing knee deep...

(gratitude list 2 of 2012)

a shared cup of tea/coffee with owen before he left for work. sister time with dorothea. To-do list done by 10am!steaming pot of stew on the sotve. gideon's strong hands kneading bread. thesmell of the fresh baked bread(oh my) faith for provisions.

owen able to take the day off. an excellent IV nurse.the power of Benadryl. A beautiful sky. a nap. Encouraging friends.The power of words to draw people together that otherwise would be apart.

The day got easier instead of harder.The beach is always beautiful.The weight of a stone in my hand. Hot soup. Hand warmers. The photo that captures the moment. My mothers great love for me. golden light as the sun sets. So much laughter. Preparing for the chicks. Meat free meals that please everyone.

Family time in the morning. Hannah talking about her growth. Sparkly frost. Midday lunch visits from a best friend. So much laughter. Thoughtful gifts.

So many amazing email connections. The joy that comes from simply creating. Spoken word poetry. Extra layers of warm blankets. Fragile and new baby chicks. Optimism. candlelit spaces. A supreise hair appointment that I really needed. Another full envelope to deliver to sides. So many letters to pop in the mailbox today. TED talks.

i ate a banana.

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  1. A banana? Boy, that's really living, girl! Go get 'em.