Sunday, October 21, 2012

dance party

they had a dance party last night
to celebrate Owen
 and his upcoming birthday.
some of you
may have been to one of our dance parties
and know just how fun they can be
they involve
loud music
lots to drink and eat
people being carefree and loud
dance parties are freeing
 shaking  off the stressors and worries of the week
we sing along to owen's very ecclectic musical collection
last night the boys really cut loose
they all even put on dress shirts,
 popped their collars, undid their buttons
they let go of their self concious selves
for an hour or two 
sang and danced loud
celebrating with Owen
 showing him just how much they love his company.
this time
i noticed that they had a dance party
and i was a wallflower
kinda made me sad.
one day again soon
i hope
i will be squeezed into the living room dance floor
and dancing my cares away as well

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