Tuesday, October 9, 2012

right now..a list

i am canning applesauce;
 grateful i wore shoes being i splashed scalding water all over the floor
i am feeling a bit of mounting guilt as i have prepared nothing fabulous for our anniversary today. even though we agreed we were both exhausted from the weekend and would celebrate another day,
that doesn't feel right so i am starting to fret.
i am happy to be hanging laundry even though it is October...
the white tableclothes from last night's dinner are enjoying a free bleach
i am pretty happy that my living room is clean because i think we are going to be couching it tonight
and eating yummy cake.
i am eating.
this is not necessarily a good or bad thing.
it is what it is.
i love applesauce cake.
so much.
i have not been able to be in my journal for 3 or 4 days and i miss the time spent there
the sky is a brilliant blue
and there are a few sunflowers left in my garden speaking to the sky
secrets that i can't hear.
i am working on being brave.
that's my right now.
what does yours look like?

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