Wednesday, October 24, 2012

i can't help but wonder...

last night we watched
we are just that tired
it was easy to access
and occasionally
a Disney movie can be a distraction.
i get embarrassed at how easily i cry at any movie
when i watch a
movie that is meant for the under 10 set
and i am reduced to a pile of mush
i just stop watching movies
{sensitive much?}
last night i was impressed with myself.
the movie was a distraction but i wasn't totally immersed
because after all,
it is Disney
and I am 40 something
I was having alot of fun
a beautiful magazine for my journal.
until the end.
the scene where the lost princess
is reunited with her mother and father
who haven't seen her since she was a baby
I know that Disney is a master at manipulating emotions
and their doe eyed women are so well animated that
i can get sucked right in...
but it was more than that...
there was a "knowing" in the eyes of the mother
i could sense it...
{they did it well..that scene}
 she hadn't seen her child in 18 long years.
and there was an immediate connection
and i found myself
in tears,
would it be like that?
would my birth mother look into my eyes and know that i was once hers
just that easily...
or is that just  the magic of Disney?


  1. Love and light, Tania... I don't know. I think that answer is one you may never know. But You are SO LOVED right now, right where you are! I hope that fills a spot in your heart even with out the other!

  2. Probably not "just that easily" - compare it to Disney-style 'falling-in-love' - but surely there would be some connection, not just like meeting a stranger. What have you read about other people's experiences? The only woman I know who has reunited with her birth mother did it because it was the dying wish of her "real" mother - she herself was quite ambivalent about it at first. But it's been a beautiful experience for both of them, with several half-siblings thrown in for a bonus. sounds pretty terrifying!

    Well-done children's movies make me cry, too.