Wednesday, October 31, 2012

with thanks...

my new specialist
whom i have a great amount of gratitude for
has spoken words
that for today
give hope.
he still talks super fast as all specialists seem to do
and stood at my bedside
rather than sitting and staying a while
(that is okay though)
i suppose they see so many
individuals each day that they have learned to be speedy
but each time he came to see me
even though i always had to wait a very long time
between visits,
he took just a moment to say hello, smile,
ask how i was
he began his doctor speak.
i appreciated him.
and the encouragement he gave to me.
he speaks of probiotics.
he speaks of eating real food!
 vegetables and fruit real food,
not just easy to tolerate  not so good for me low impact food
he speaks of managing stress.
he speaks of the disease being managed fully
and life resuming
(as long as i take care of myself and get strong again )
my time away from my family
my home
my journaling and collaging
has stirred up stuff.
tales from the bed
i think i shall call them.


  1. Oh Tania! What joy this gives me! I am praying it's true and honest and comes quickly!

  2. Yay! It's about time you got a good doctor! Hope and hugs from all of us! Love, Verity