Saturday, October 6, 2012

this boy...

this boy
shares my love of books, my love of keeping the peace and my (former) love of cheese.
this boy will always generously contribute the the weekly grocery shop
and is quick to jump in and lend a hand.
he is the one
that hears the car pull into the driveway
 and comes out every time to see if he can help.
this boy has a soft spot for his mama and his sister
and he shares my heart.
i see glimpses of me in his eyes.
he secretly knows he is my favorite
(even though, of course i don't have favorites)
this boy charmed me as a baby with his curly blond locks
and he almost did me in when he was two going on three,
 not content to stay still for even a second.
this  boy
 also gives me wide shouldered hugs
and always checks in with me.
he texts me sometimes to see where i am and what i am doing
which i find quite charming.
he is so polite with people
 that he often asks the cashier at a store how she  is doing
 before she has a chance to ask us.
he is a "please" and "thank you" kind of guy
and flashes such a warm smile while being so charming.
this boy surrounds himself with collections
which is a trait we do not share.
has a library that impresses me.
and probably would you too....
this boy
sometimes needs a nudge to be braver than he wants
and to his surprise
(i think)
he always succeeds once he commits.
(today he learned to back up a truck like a boss!)
this boy
can be shy a bit,
and take a while to warm up but once you become his friend,
he is loyal and true to you.
this boy is the one i miss when we go away from home for too long
he is the one i feel the need to connect to.
he is the one who makes sure the house is clean before we return.
he wants us to be happy,
i can tell
by the way he helps take care.
this boy, my last boy
solidly has my heart.
i see such love in him.

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