Monday, October 15, 2012


i think it is the times we spend together
laughing and connecting
and reilizing that home is a great place to be.
i think it sweet  that we are a little community
here inside these walls and stretching farther
as we come and go.
 that is how Shawn described us last night
and i was touched.
 our home is a place of shelter, of love, of support, of openess and acceptance
 our home is a place where  you won't be turned away and you are always welcomed back.
our home is full and sometimes bursting
(we fit 12 all weekend long and yes, today i am resting)
it can be exhausting and stretching
i wouldn't trade what my life here looks like for anything else.
i adore full couches
and squished up dinner table meals
home is where we come to when we are weary and worn down
wrapped under blankets from generations past
there is safety here.
we work hard to ensure that is so.
i am grateful for my home today and all the people that make is so.

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