Sunday, October 7, 2012

there is something about the firstborn..

there is something special about the firstborn.
the child that, as a parent, allowed me to  gently journey from
"i think i know how to raise my child"
to the reilization that really,
 i didn't  know as much as i thought i did.
this boy of mine was in no hurry to enter the world
and when he did,
i was left battered, bruised
but oh so,
head over heals in love.
this boy was a gorgeous baby
with his dark hair and long eyelashes
he delighted me as an easy going infant and oh, so sweet toddler.
this boy, my eldest child,
he is a mixture of me, his dad and himself.
headstrong and driven
talented and generous.
this boy is a natural chef
 and nothing about him delights my heart more
than when i see him loving on raw ingredients and creating magic.
this child of mine is one that i now have conversations with about
farm to table initiatives,
we speak of seed purchases and preserving food.
we compare ideas and sometimes disagree
 about what a dinner party should look like and include,
but for some reason,
 i can disagree with him and not feel that panic i feel with other people.
i know how solid our bond is and i know it is unbreakable.
he pushes me to think bigger and bolder.
he has dreams that i ache to see him reilize.
he is my firstborn.
my, oh so different than myself, child.
 i adore him and all he is becoming.
i am proud to count him in.

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  1. I always love hearing about your boys!

    (And he really rocked the beard yesterday, didn't he? Is it new?)