Friday, October 5, 2012

to the boy...

(all weekend long..
our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend
 I am giving thanks to my family here on my blog..
.expect a fair amount of mush...)
i just spent 15 minutes looking through my photo files
to reilize that i don't take photos of my boys enough.
i had one of Caleb and one of Gideon but none of Thad from the past year.
so, instead, a photo of fall leaves which has nothing to do with this post.
this post is for middle boy-
my thaddeus.
the boy who always comes and asks me how my day is going.
who when he hears a loud crash
(which happens suprisingly often at our house)
doesn't just keep doing what he is doing, but comes to investigate and is quick to help.
the boy who reaches out to give me man sized hugs when he knows i am flaring, or worrying or just carrying things up the stairs as he is coming down.
the boy who for the longest time, always checked in with me when he got home from work
(i miss that quiet knock on the bedroom door..but i understand it isn't necessary anymore)
this is for the boy who volunteers to join me when i volunteer
who is quick to jump in and lend a hand
who lights up at the sight of a baby and truly does want to hold them in his big arms and coo...
who connected so well with the small ones who used to share our home.
this is for the second born boy of mine
who is a bit of a gentle giant and is willing to spend his days in the presence of those who need him.
this is for the boy who is okay with being leaned upon both physically and emotionally.
this boy was a rock for me last fall.
a solid rock.
this is for the boy who isn't perfect but is makig solid attempts to propel his life forward
for the boy who is able to admit his mistakes, own up for his doings and
who is beginning to use humor to deflect situations.
this is for the boy who spends too much time in his room
(because i truly would like to see him more)
who shows up at his work and makes sure all the pencils in the bulk aisle are sharp....
(he is a bit quirky...not gonna lie)
this is for the boy whom i once worried about
but no longer feel the need to.
this boy is doing just fine.
with love and gratitude to you Thaddeus

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