Wednesday, February 2, 2011

balancing my online presence..

January 2, 2011

yay! 2 days in a row for me! Thanks for letting me blog today...and i am looking forward to your post tomorrow. i hope the moving went well with Barry and Hannah and had moments of laughter and wonder and not all heavy lifting and groaning about where everything would fit...moving is such hard work!

I actually wrote this post this morning in my journal, sitting in the sun, because I really am looking forward to your response and thoughts to my current balancing here it is,

Dear Suzy,
Being I am endeavoring to bring balance into my life i am not suprised to discover that while one or two areas are balancing much better (yay me!) other areas continue to be, well, off kilter. i am having this small, niggling, intuitive seed developing and at any moment, unless i listen now, it is going to evolve into a neon sign, flashing gaudy colours at me to try and get my attention.
       i am spending way too much time on the computer.   facebook.blogs.facebook.more blogs.facebook.facebook.blogs.
                             you get the picture i am sure.
the justifications are fast and easy, they pour out of my pen onto the paper...i work alone and the online community keeps me connected...there is such beauty, poetry, encouragement and inspiration in the blogs i only takes a few moments here and there out of my day after all....and the cincher for me...i can help people this way!
here is what i figure...there needs to be a quick check with myself (again..geez this self development requires alot of check ins) such as have i spent time connecting with myself? have i spent time with real, live in the flesh individuals, have i created for myself or am i satisfying myself with the creativeness of others, stifling my own creativity in the process?

what is reasonable? what is realistic? what is balanced? what amount of time is acceptable for me at this time in my life? what role is my facebook/blog stalking playing in my life right now? is it helping me or hindering me? are parts of my daily internet practices sustaining my growth and development? are parts of my internet use reinforcing my less that positive taniaisms that i am trying to diminish?
and is all this just too much self reflection? who really cares?

i do
i care
because part of my balancing work
is listening
to the still, small voice
and it is whispering
so i am
and searching for
right answers.
Balanced answers.

Suzy, could you please check in with me, in a few days for my answers. i will want to bounce them around i think. i appreciate that we can throw our progress out there and support each other...

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