Friday, February 25, 2011

Feb  25th  2011    Blog #?   Confessions and dreams of a middle age woman

Dear Tania
            So how do I begin? Let me give  you a clue …    


Any ideas?    Ok.. let me add another picture..

Perhaps this will help.   I’m sure that you have got it now… Yes. Today was my first Mam-Oh-gram…

And I write it like that because you know… after having your boobs pressed in a machine … they will be the size of a gram… or so you think. In the most uncomfortable position I have yet to be in, in my life.. I thought naturally that the best way to handle being completely naked in front of another lady (who by the way has the added bonus of lifting and pulling it into the contortion she needs…) was humor. So said to her… “what makes you think this machine was invented by a man…?” surely worth a snicker.. perhaps a smile at least.. instead I got a look that said “NOT FUNNY” I tried again with another comment but that one was met with “No MoRe PLEaSe!”  OK.. so humor doesn’t work.. perhaps I should just go with it.. Rather than trying to hold up and cover the few inches I can, perhaps I should just ‘let it all hang out’ and be as relaxed as possible’. That didn’t go over well either.. I was told to move into the corner...
     So there I stood letting everything my mother gave me just hang around, being pulled and then told “don’t breath”.. as my body was contorted around sharp pieces of metal. Great if you are 90 Lbs.. second thought.. fat might help the sharp edges… Any way you slice it, some DaM SMarT WoMan better come up with a better way of examining Breasts! I mean really?… Could you imagine a man undressing and another man saying "sir can you please stand here while I lift your manliness on the plate where I will add a lot of pressure and don’t breath! “Whats that, your balls feel like grapes about to juice? Don’t worry, it will be over soon!

There has got to be a better way! Stand Up Women and Speak Out!

This is my blog for today… by the way… had yours yet?

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