Saturday, February 26, 2011

Laughter is the best medicine...

February 26,2011
Dear Suzy,
your blog post made me laugh! I could see you there, trying to joke, trying to connect with the nurse, all hanging out everywhere....she missed out on a good Suzy laugh by being all grumpy with you. Laughing with you is like no other!
Glad to hear you are taking care of your health and getting all checked out. I am excited to hear about the weight watchers journey when that starts. They have an online program that looks pretty cool as well and is set up with recipies and everything. I remember Lisa and I did weight watchers together when she was getting ready for her surgery and it was a pretty positive experience...
So today is SAturday at our house and the end of a very long week. It isn't even that the week was particularly challenging. It just felt long. We are holding on pretty tight to each other these days as we navigate life. It is amazing how being concious daily of all that is good in our lives is helping us keep positive. EAch night Hannah and I keep a gratitude journal where we jot down all we are thankful for from that day. I did one last year as well, lasted from January to May and am hoping for a full year this time. That journal is helping alot to reframe each day before I go to sleep. Owen and I were talking last night about it, and while we both believe really strongly in acknowleging the bad days along with the good days, as a way of owning our emotions and working through them, when faced with chronic sickness, like I am right now, each day could easily become a bad day. So that is why it is so important to me to go to bed with each day being a good day. Because there truly is something miraculous about each day!
I love that!

I am working through a book called Life Is A Verb. It is great!

and I am also working through The Purpose Driven Life, again with a friend.
I love my books!
Today is a rest day for me. I am weary. My levels must be low. I am starting new medication, yet again, early this week as we continue to try to coax my colitis into remission. It loves me alot and does not want to leave, which is most unfortunate! This medicine takes 6 weeks or so to even start to work so it will be a bit of a long haul this time again. I am anticipating spring, my birthday, gardening, the one year anniversary of me being sick, and all the other significant events that come with the changing of seasons! I am craving a train ride, walks on the beach, lazy days in the backyard surrounded by friends and candles, and of course, a deepening sense of who I am meant to be.
I love ya beautiful lady!

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  1. Thanks for the Blog Tania.. I'm looking forward to a cup tea together when i get there in about 20 days... hopefully that can happen...!
    lov ethe picture by the way! Great shot. We need more pictures of us laughing!