Monday, February 21, 2011

Feb  21st  2011    Blog #?   Confessions and dreams of a middle age woman
Dear Tania
It’s been a while since I blogged. Being sick was horrible! My thoughts and respect go out to anyone struggling with health issues and still has keep moving forward! WOW!
A revelation I got in the middle of my 3 day fever was how in my last blog I was talking about how I love to be activate and possibly boasting of rolling that way! Lol… And then rolled right into bed and could do nothing! Grace of God that we ‘roll’ at all J lol…

This is the Munch I saw! It was a an experience I shall treasure~!
Anyways, on another note. Today in Alberta we had a holiday called ‘Family Day’! What a cool idea. The Alberta Art Gallery was open free of charge so our family went. Guess what I saw…? Go ahead… guess…  7… SEVEN of my favorite artists! I saw a real, original, artwork from MUNCH, KANDINSKY, PICASSO, TOULOUSE LE TRAC, RODIN, GAUGAIN, & Brian Jungen!! Talk about a GREAT day!! I actually jumped up and down to see my first Munch! I was so excited and could not believe that I was looking at something he held in his hands and worked on. When I founf Rick and told him I started to cry because I was so awed to see ‘their’ work! It was amazing. I went in the room to look again before we left. And to see Jungen’s whales again was incredible.

This is what I saw today! Beautiful... I love his Art!

Then going outside there were family activities which included working with cardboard… and they had industrial cardboard tubes… great for my Phantom of the Opera Organ I’m building. So all in all, today was a fantabulous day.
I am blessed! Also tired… and my lip is hurting… gonna go try the ‘after shave’ remedy people are telling me about. I will share more about how our store is coming along...
Glad to be back Tania. Missed our blog. Have a good night ;)

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