Monday, February 7, 2011

Feb  7th   2011                              Blog #13   Confessions and dreams of a middle age woman
Dear Tania

  Forgive my indulgence today but I need to write my blog for my daughter Abby. She gave me a journal for Christmas and asked me to write to her in it. Sounds wonderful right! However being the non-writer that I am, this is a very hard feat to ask. Perhaps that is why she asked… I think she is thinking that when I am gone she will be able to look back on my words. A wonderful thought… but oh so not me…lol… make a meal, let her friend live with us, paint her a picture, make her some pottery, drive her, pick her up, fight an army for her… any of these I can do! But write everyday seems such a monstrous task. So, not wanting to completely avoid her request, I have decided that I am going to write to her today. I plan on printing out this blog once we are done our year, and give her that! So today is dedicated to Miss Abigail!
                  Oh what a mother dreams for her child...  Is it possible to gather all the thoughts one has for their daughter and put them all together, in one itty bitty page? I think not. Abby if you were to go to your favorite beach and scoop up a handful of sand, that would be like my thoughts for you. Each little particle would represent my thoughts of love towards you.

          I love your tenacity! Your fighter instinct… to grab on to life and not let go. I love your passion and your determination when you set your mind on something. You have a beautiful compassionate heart. You earnestly seek to please the Lord in your actions & lifestyle which is so commendable especially for a teenager.

          My hopes for you are that above all, you will be true to the calling in your heart… God has placed within you wonderful plans and all the gifts and talents you will need to fulfill those plans. What you lack or struggle with, he will give to you through someone else. His greatest gift to me has been the gift of others who have poured their life into mine! Be open to receive all that He has for you.
Another hope I have for you is not to doubt who you are and what you can do. Don’t take yourself out of the race before it has even begun. “Be of good courage”! Believe that with God, ALL things are possible to them who BELIEVE! Remember that home IS where your heart and family are! It is not a location but a place of contentment with those whom you love. Take time to enjoy life. Play, laugh, smile, make things and do things that bring joy to your heart and to others hearts. Work is wonderful and fulfilling but it is not everything. Love is everything! Love covers a multitude of sins. Love forgives and love inspires! Be great not because of what you do but because of who you are! Character always counts more than accomplishments. Character is the accomplishment. Remember that beauty comes from your spirit. You are only as beautiful as the most spiritual part of you. It is wonderful to look good and feel good, and take care of yourself for sure! But wisdom gained will help you far greater than looks. Finally, keep cooking J It is a gift in our family that has been passed down for generations. Through the gift of your hands you will be able to create memories and moments for all the years you have. Family and friends and even the stranger, will be blessed by the food and hospitality that God has gifted you with. Isn’t it wonderful that the Abigail in the Bible was known to be as wise as she was beautiful, and was loved by the King for her hospitality and wisdom. Forget the lousy husband part. In those days women had no choice who they could marry, but let it serve as a warning to be careful who to give your heart to. May only the one God has chosen for you, find a home within.
These are my deepest thoughts and prayers for you Abigail! I love you so much and I’m so proud of you already!

With all my love, mom J

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  1. love your blog to abby your words, your heart. love that this is a place for us to share all of our friends, our families, each other, ourselves...