Thursday, February 10, 2011

split wide open...

dear suzy,
today i was
split right open...
and spilled out
gorgeous emotions mixed
with not so pretty...
swirling and churning
madly resonating through me
battling it out so to speak
looking for a voice
i furiously
wrote and scribbled and colored
honouring the feelings
and protecting others from them...
the fears were soothed
and reasoned with
and put to rest...
our turmoil
holds beauty
and gifts
what i learned today
i love you,

1 comment:

  1. how is that you can be so productive with your emotions? Take the time to observe them, write them and then respond and reflect on them. They must be super important to you. I never think of my emotions like that... I don't know if I really think of 'honoring' them... this is no doubt why you are the labrador and I the...not the otter, whats left? No doubt it's something rat? bull? horse.. lol...