Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Feb  23rd   2011    Blog #?   Confessions and dreams of a middle age woman

Dear Tania
What a great thought your artist friend has written. I have been thinking about that a lot lately as I spend some days at home, some searching for another job, and some volunteering! And can I just say that working with little is kids is so cool! They are like "I love you Mrs Cleaver, Your're the best Art Teacher ever.. .. but I'm helping with grade ones also and they are so cute! Give me hugs, share their germs but man oh man... I get home and I'm exhausted!! Truly! 1 day of work/calling with the little cuties is equal to about 3 with the beasts in high how are you doing it Tania? I can only imagine your day! Lots of love and lots of "Tania naps"!  

     But seriously, I miss the calling. I miss the kids. I really appreciate more and more what a priveldge it is to work with kids.

        and i agree... it is a calling. At least it is for most of us I believe. who else would do the wack job for the ridiculous pay we get? at least those of us in christian

ok. on to another topic. I have gotten a physical (i think i told you that) have high blood pressure. never had it before and now it is super high. i have to monitor it daily for 1 month and then my dr. is going to put me on meds. also, i have high cholestral. no surprise there. runs in my family. had it since like 18. started on lipitor again. decided that when i get a job i'm joining weight watchers. also, my sister and i met last week to start planning our business. we are going to do it. we designed a ad sign, did some work and divided up some research to get started on. I need to make some phone calls tomorrow about it. moving along... the family is pretty god. elijah seems to be doing better. he is my biggest concern. hannah and barry are doing well and sorting things out between them. she reminds me so much of myself when i was her age. funny because abby reminds me of myself right now... funny how that goes. there is no greater calling then our kids. no greater love then what we feel for them. no greater ssacrifice we would make, then for them. can i just say that you you are a great mom. you care so much and try so hard. you love and yet you try to see things honestly. thats a great gift to your kids tania. one day they will really realise how blessed they have been.

ok... i'm going to sign off. it has been super busy and crazy this week and i hope things slow down just a tad. Hang in there! love & hugs

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