Friday, February 4, 2011

important right now.

February 4, 2o11
Dear Suzy,
i have decided when i blog on friday i am going to summarize what is important right now to me...that way there will be a remembering. sometimes, life gets so busy i forget the lessons that i am learning each and every day. i am going to call it "important right now". maybe on your fridays you would like to do the same?

encouragement is easy- speak it often
Carter's fierce neck hugs of love rock! Don't tell me autism and love can't go together!
Chocolate can help. even for breakfast. with tea
fear gets in the way SO often
reading is life changing
i want to learn to write more beautifully (and stop using mixed metaphores like seed and neon sign)
i want to understand colour more fully
i want to plant my veggies NOW but must be patient
asking hard questions is OK
what i am doing matters
Honouring feelings is a step in the right direction
God has enormous shoulders and nothing is too big!
Taking care of myself allows me to take care of others. NOT the other way around
dinner out is good. so good.
(especially if you are eating tapas with your favorite person.)

have an amazing weekend Suzy.
 i love you.
tania are remarkable to me!


  1. I lov eyour idea tania... writing comes so eay to you... this journalling thing for me is like... well... like asking Gideon to journal.... lol... self discipline...over rated!
    I do enjoy though, just hard to keep going because I feel i have nothing of mauch value to write.. lost for words.
    BUT enjoy reading yours and other people who comment.

  2. your words are valuable suzy. and i think that when we are finished, at the end of this year, there will be much to celebrate and so much remembering will happen and we will be able to have a party and read and laugh and cry and roll on the floor hysterically together as we look back at our ridiculous but glory filled lives...i encourage you not to self edit too much when you and furious, short or long, just write, push publish and move on...your words are worth sharing. and besides, what would i do without my daily dose of suzy...i love hearing from you!