Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feb  9th   2011             Blog #13   Confessions and dreams of a middle age woman
Dear Tania
                  Today is more like a letter to you…       I love your quote! I am going to borrow that one! In my dinning room I want to do a text art on one of the walls. I think I would like to stencil that on a wall also. I have always wanted to put scripture or inspiring words up on my walls but have never done it yet. I keep waiting for my own house but they may never come… lol… so perhaps it will be this house! I may need them…  so.. all that to say, thanks. Your words have once again inspired me. How is everyone doing? I often think of Gideon and Hannah because of course I spent the most time with them. Give Gid a little poke tonight and tell him it’s from me..  this way the game continues and I’m in the lead! hahah
                  Well I had a depressing day this week because I let the one guy who does all the hiring for my school district get me down. He told me in no uncertain terms that he will not hire me. It took the wind out of my sails because I was counting on working a good $ job and slowly develop a business on side with my sister.  In talking with a friend last night she suggested I develop an art program that I take to the schools to do art in schools as like a business. Not a bad idea but I’m not sure how steady it would be but it is something for me to think about. I also think I am going to go to the University and talk with them about my masters. I have no idea if that is a door to open at this time but it won’t hurt to snoop around.  This whole being unemployed with time and trying to get back on your feet is very challenging for me because I am sucj a goal driven person. I see the prize/goal and I run hard right for it. Each day right now I ake up with a different idea about what possibly could be my goal and then try to plan my day… errrr. Unemployment is only going to last so long so I really need to get my act together. As if I’m not trying already! Haha
                  On a completely different topic -> I am doing the props for a play at Abby’s school. Not just any play, but The Phantom of the Opera! How cool is that. So I am swamped with goals for the next two months that have to do with PROPS! Enjoyable fun things to occupy my time.
                  Ok Tania, this is what I’m thinking about today. I need to get things cleaned up as Miss Abby has left me note reminding me that Cassy comes tomorrow morning! So excited to see her. I miss her so much. Need to get her room ready.
Ok ~ love and blessings to your clan.

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  1. i love the art created by the crayon carving guy.his work is so intricate and detailed. completly opporsite of what i like to make.
    i have an "issue" with the Phantom. it scares the begeezies out of me..i can't even listen to the music. this weekend when i took photos for kim and mike (did you see them on her fb wall? you would like them i think) i had to get over my fear of masks...i love getting over my fears. especially the little ones, they are easier to tackle.
    gideon is well. he has, not suprisingly adjusted slowly to his new school he is eager to be almost finished.i will poke him tonight for you...hanah continues to walk the path set out for her. she inspires me daily, drives me crazy dialy and is a bright light! all my kids are blessing me like crazy these past few days..they must know it is what their tired momman needs these days..
    i am glad the quote inspired you. i love that is says "makes souls stronger" not necessarily happier, at the moment but stronger and of cours always spoken with gentleness and grace..sould work is so transformational..
    oh suzy, so many paths for you to explore during this season of your life. are you keeping tack of which doors are closed for certain and which ones are still open? one door leads to home, thousands lead to the prayer for you would be finding the one door that leads to home for you...enjoy your time with that beautiful girl Cassy, she is wonderful! oh, her giggle and laugh. i miss them! love you, talk to you tomorrow...