Saturday, February 12, 2011

Things i want to remember..saturday edition

Dear Suzy,
 My list of things I want to remember this week, Saturday edition looks like this;
  1. Rain is doesn't feel important right now, it feels like a monsoon but it will allow me to water my veggies and flowers all summer...rain is good.
  2. Heros are important...this quote sums up my current feelings about heros ...  "a hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom."
  3. My feelings about my children can shift from glorious adoration to extremed frustration very, very quickly...thankfully, i always love them
  4. Two and Three year olds are very challenging. They are lovely and gifts and adorable but they are very, very challenging!
  5. Date night is can make a long week seem shorter while anticipating such date night..ours is starting in about 10 minutes:)

6. Having too many books on the go at once can get confusing...3 is okay...5 is too many:)
7. Being upfront and honest leads to alot of laughter when trying on clothes with a teenage girl...
8. Being upfront and honest leads to alot of tears when trying on clothes with a teenage girl.
9. My medication can MESS ME UP! However, it is a great discipline in my life to learn to not let my     medication mess up my relationships with those around is not an excuse to let my emotions spill all over the place...
10. I love my life. my life is amazing and blessed and i am grateful every single day!

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