Saturday, December 31, 2011

the story of the year

at our house
the story of 2011
was love.
there was a whole lot of love
given and received.
family connections grew stronger
extended family became closer
frienships battled and won.

love was delivered in
the shape of snail mail,
encouraging emails, soups, friendship, laughter,
 money, prayers, petititons,
grace, forgiveness, and acceptance of each other
just as we are.
love was delivered
through immense heartaches, sickness, loss and devestation.

love was demonstrated
every day in our immediate family
as we grew stronger and closer than ever before.
love is continuing to flow with us as we
anticipate a marvelous 2012.

love becomes stronger
and more steadfast
when we practice vulnerablility
and there was more openness and brokeness
and truth spoken
in our family than ever before.
oh there have been tough days.
heartbreaking days and with those
an amazing strength and solidity
that comes only after being faced with adversity.

love follows us.
it follows us as we struggle with the monumental changes that are coming.
love covers us as we have challenging conversations around
teenagers and money and health and careers and roles
and hopes and dreams.

2011 has been a challenging year.
we had a choice.
 we have a choice still
as to how we embrace those challenges.
we choose love.
we choose relationships
we choose forgiveness
we choose selfless giving to one another

we are pretty proud of how we made it through
still standing.
and more in love with each other
with life than ever before.

2011 has been full of so many gifts.
happy new year's everyone!

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