Tuesday, November 15, 2011

grateful right now

it's been a while.
time for a gratefulness list!

my dad brought me a tub of honey this morning
the leaves were covered with sparkly frost
mittens and toques keep me so warm outside
(i am learning to dress for the weather..it has been a slow process for some reason)
my mom and madison outside having a wonderful chat together
chicken stock simmering on the stove
plans to see my dear Kristin tonight
loving texts sent between hannah and i while she is far away from me
gideon's hugs every day
thaddeus's help this morning without even having to ask
the smell of banana bread
(oh food i do miss you)
one clean window
(many more to go)
anticipating my 29 days of giving which starts soon!
the joy of time to write miss vayda a stack of letters yesterday
becky and owen's early morning telephone calls
owen, every thing about him.
homemade soup dinners that are being brought to us
internet connections with friends that i wouldn't otherwise connect with
hopefulness and the ability to see a bright and shiny future
inspiring words
my slippers
(still my favorite gift from last christmas)
my daily photo that i take just for me

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