Sunday, November 20, 2011


there are no answers
and there
is no conceivable way to wrap
my head around the questions
and daily situations 
i am faced with.
i shake my
head at owen or myself
or whoever is journeying with me
and i ask
how can this be?
is this really what we are dealing with today?
and we strap on our survival suits
and go another round.
and another.
and another.

again i ask?
what is the lesson today?
what is the lesson right now?
this moment?

i really wish i knew.
but until i do
i wait
with a hopeful heart.


  1. ...I picture your survival suit as glittery and colourful. With large mirror-like sequins, so you can reflect out your beauty and super powers to us all.

    And this suit would have photos of all your family members as embroidered patches :)

    And the pockets are full of special rocks and shells.

    There's also an emergency pocket that has a starbucks card in it with an unlimited balance.

    And a secret pocket where you store all your cherished memories.

    And a pocket just for your notebook of dreams...together with a smelly felt :)

    Oh, and a pocket full of loose glittery confetti and flower petals, so when you have survived the latest mission, you can release a handful into the air to celebrate :)

  2. seriously... I want a survival suit now. they sound RAD.

    also, you are so inspiring. I am currently reading your blog and getting all pregnant-lady weepy (as weepy as I ever get, that is...). I love you so much! I want to see you sometime soon!