Monday, November 28, 2011

the weekend looked like this...

a whole lot of blurry fast driving
amazing sparkling blue sky
torrential snow.sleet.rain so fast and thick you couldn't see
tiny silver.gray spider making a home in my boot
alot of loud music
a beatiful sunset at the Nakusp ferry dock
warm hugs and cups of tea
too short of connections with old friends
hugs and kisses from hannah
introductions and goodbyes all in the same day
a car stuffed so full of groceries that there was barely room for us
too short conversations that are not yet finished
soft coverings of snow
very little sleep
having to say goodbye to her again
a search for good coffee for owen
so many tears on the drive home
so many tears at the ferry
so much gratitude for an early ferry that we made it onto
not very many photos
not very many words captured
lots of love practiced
so much receiving and giving
so many miles
laughter and singing
home. sweet. home.
even though it still feels empty without her.

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