Wednesday, November 16, 2011

the honey lesson

this morning i was putting
honey into jars
because it was
i decided to warm it and stir it
so it would be easier to pour.
honey is sticky business
and i was quite happily
mucking about
with it.

it occured to me
that the honey with all it's lumps and grains
is alot like me.
over time
i have collected
my fair share
of imperfections
and they seem to
making an appearance
my health
and my emotions
and some of my choices
and attitudes.

the honey
needs to not be heated  much
or all the beneficial properties will be
so it was a gentle stirring and
warming that was going on this morning.

i too am being mixed and stirred
and i am seeking
 gentle ways
so as not to destroy my
valuable properties as well.

i love how the honey
changes from being
thick and white
to smooth, runny and golden.
it flows so nicely into the container.

i am in the process of
building myself a
new container to store myself in
and i am working at
allowing the heat in my life
to make me more easily poured out.

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