Thursday, November 10, 2011


my boys don't get alot of blog time
which is more than fine with them
and they rarely
allow themselves to be photographed
which i don't like
do understand.
even in this photo
caleb is missing
and that feels sad to me.

i need to stop and really
really give thanks for my boys
right now.
they are
standing strong and tall
and walking with their sister
through things that would send alot of
men scurrying for cover
and they are still young and doing their own growing.
but let me tell you
i have
 never. ever. ever.
been more proud of my children.

these boys are supporting and loving
and are speaking wisdom
 and helping us create the safety net
they are holding babies and changing diapers and reading stories
for me while my attention is very divided.
they are cooking dinners and doing dishes and taking out garbage.
they are chasing and catching the sister when we can't
they are sitting and listening
they are praying and crying and hoping.
they are coming home
and staying overnight and going on family outings
they are speaking their truth
and holding their judgement.
they are showing love and mercy.

and that is just to the sister.

then there is me.
they are hugging and asking and coming along side me.
they are calling and texting and sitting with me.
they are being quiet and respectful and careful.

these boys amaze me.

i am so excited to meet their future wives
and see what love and blessing will be showered
upon them!

my boys are becoming men
men who know what it means to love and sacrifice.
men who are learning about forgiveness and grace.
learning where to place their frustration and fears and anger
learning how to give when they really don't feel like it
and perhaps shouldn't be asked to.
they are learning to make choices that will
allow them to live fulfilling lives
 with family and friends.

my heart swells a little when i think of them..
and times that swelling by 3
 and my heart
 is down right plump

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  1. this post made me teary - I love how you love :)