Wednesday, November 2, 2011


i don't think i have
anything today.
not that i write for "you"
i come to this space
daily as a way of remembering my
i also come
to share my story
because i believe there
is incredible power in story sharing
(and story changing)
and my photos
but i need to be careful
not to feel
obligated to blog each day
or change my voice,
make is something it isn't in hopes of not offending
or depressing or whatever else i can
think up in a moment of weariness.

i am quiet.
my voice is little
or when i use it i worry it is too loud,
too harsh, too negative...
(which i don't think it actually is)
seeping out from somewhere in me that isn't doing so well.
of course,
this is not okay for me
so i am choosing to be
for the rest of the day.

i shall be back tomorrow.
create an amazing story with the rest of your day!
i would love to hear it:)

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