Friday, November 11, 2011

Oh my...

We happily set off this morning and expected that life on the road to kelowna would be smooth driving and Lickety split but of course, in keeping with the current theme of our days that was not to be. Somehow we took the wrong exit almost straight away and drove the long way to the highway. Then , we were excited to see snow until thT becMe a bit of a blizzard and caused all sorts of not so delightful or efficient driving accidents to occur. It was amazing to watch people's personalities show up behind the wheels! It took a ridiculously long time to make it over the summit and while we were quite cheerful in our car questions, stress and worry all came to visit us at one moment or another. Happily we overcame our feeds and were quite proud off all thR smart packing we had done - except not an overnight supply of kefir or my morning medicine - but not too big of a deal. Of course, meeting someone at the other end heightens the desire to be on time- which we were not - and I am working on letting that stress go because after all , snow could care less that I have " be on time or forever feel shame" issues. ( thanks for waiting l&k). We limped into kelowna with a tire not keeping pressure, said goodbe to the girl who was happy to be gone from us after a long day in the car. But you know what -we laughed together , sang together, made some fun of each other, talked a we'd bit together and we continue to delight to be in her company. It feels strand to be blogging from a hotel room , feeling this need to connect, keep telling the story . We are convincing ourselves that 630 is too early to sleep and we are gearing up to head home tomorrow in search of clear roads and kefir:)

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