Friday, November 18, 2011

right now..

right now,
this is my breakfast.
i prefered bacon and hashbrowns.

right now,
the honey that i found
so charming and sticky
and profound just the other day
is  making a mess all over my counter
and i am not amused.
i am also not cleaning it up
i am blogging instead.

right now,
i am contemplating
the mess of a canvas i made
by dumping gray paint all over it.
why gray?
i have no idea.

i am not sure
if gray should be
grey or gray?

right now,
there is a huge pile of leaves
waiting to be composted.
that will happen tomorrow.
i am very fond of piles of leaves
but am craving a
tidy back yard
to gaze out my window at.

right now,
the house smells like brownies
and this is not cool
because i can not eat them.
usually this doesn't bother me anymore.
today it does.

right now,
i am complaining.
i know this.
i can feel it and hear it and i don't even care.
i am letting my complaints out
because then they will disappear.

right now,
i feel like laughing and crying.
at the same time.
i hate that feeling
when it comes.
it makes me feel foolish and like a little
snotty nosed child again.

right now,
i have a to do list on the fridge for the weekend.
there is nothing fun on it.
this will not do.

right now,
i am starting to feel better.
my fingers are slowing down
as they dash across the keyboard
and i can sense
a bit of the ridiculousness
floating away.

that might also
be because it is  nap time.
i am going to miss nap time when they are gone.
i am going to miss
awake time too.

right now,
i am going to go make a new to do list,
wipe up the honey,
make Gideon eat
all the brownies
and leave the canvas
to dry and see what i think.

and maybe after nap time
we will go play in the leaves.

1 comment:

  1. Snotty nosed children aren't so bad...they just need a wee bit of attention to be lovable again and the grey... I love it, soft, like fog, as in Sandburg's poem, THE fog comes on little cat feet.

    Love reading your blog.

    GrAy - American
    GrEy - England