Monday, November 14, 2011

kissing the ground...

"walk as if you are kissing
the earth with your feet."


be present in the moment.

that is what i am
to practice today.
i think it might be easier
if there wasn't a houseful
of toddlers..
i am
reilizing that
attention to the NOW.
is valuable
and calming
pretty tough!

i am remembering those deep breaths
we need to take.
i am remembering to look with clear eyes
at the natural beauty around me
and draw comfort from it.

i am such a nature nut.
the more time i spend
attending to the beatya nnd mysteries
and cycles and ways
of the natural world
the more i am drawn to
the lessons found there.

i lined up little tiny leaves on the banister
and then the wind blew them all away.

this is okay.
the leaves are light and decomposing somewhat already.
i am solid and on a path to wellness.
i shall not blow away
i shall not blow away at all.
my roots are deep.
and deeper yet they shall become.

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