Monday, November 21, 2011


we were going for our walk today
through the trail
by the creek
under the canopy of the forest.
it began to rain
and it spashed
quite madly into the creek
we stayed dry.
the shelter of the trees
keep the rain from even dampening our heads.

and i thought
right then
about the shelter that i am blessed with.
i have a strong support system around me
holding out their arms,
sending up their prayers and petitions,
covering us with practical buckets of soup,
gentle encouraging words,
daily check ins.

without this shelter
i would think we would be swamped.
we are already very soggy but imagine
without the shelter of family and dear friends?
imagine the relentless effects of a
downpouring that just won't seem to stop
and how cold and dampy and dreary
one would become.

i am grateful today.
so grateful
for the warm fire i sat by for hours yesterday
being listened to and reassured
i am grateful for the bucket of soup in the fridge
so i don't have to have enough energy to cook dinner tonight.
i am grateful for the shelter that is surrounding me
as we plod our way through the storms of life.

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