Tuesday, November 29, 2011

i want

to shake my house out and keep only that
which is useful and beautiful

to decorate trees in the forest
for you to stumble upon while walking

to become a crazy bird lady whose backyard is always singing

to splash my walls with gorgeous bright shiny colours that
sparkle in the darkest night

to sit at a table full of my nearest and dearest
sharing food and drink and conversations deep into the night

to go out and make such a difference in my little corner of the world
that it can't help but be just a little bit happier

to understand the depth of longsuffering love
so that i can extend it over and over again

to make cookies and candies and yummy nuts
  package them up
all sweetly and give them away with abundance

to crawl into bed at night and hold owen so tightly that
we both feel strong and renewed in the morning.

to rest in the comfort and knowlege that
 every little thing is going to be alright
and the big stuff will be too.

to be strong. stronger than i ever thought possible.

that is what i want today.


  1. What a beautiful list of desires. I don't see one here that is out of reach...