Thursday, February 9, 2012


-baby Ewan's toes-

the bravery that is bubbling out of me is
fun to witness.
it's as if i am watching an infant discover her toes.
 just noticing,
then grasping and missing,
grasping and missing.

sometimes all that grasping
needs to be followed by rest.
(it's hard work trying to catch those toes!)

perhaps i've been in the grasping and missing stage long enough.

finally, the baby,
the sweet baby is able to touch and hold those toes
and there is delight and drooling and chattering-
all the adults peer down and  smile and congratulate-
the baby has found a way to delight herself,
all by herself.
yay baby!

so here i am,
in yoga,
folding my body deeper than i thought possible
touching my toes and feeling delight.
calm delight.
here i am signing up and going
to a workshop-
just for fun,
no other reason. not to learn anything important or new.

i feel that i have spent alot of time grasping and reaching.
over and over and now,
i have made contact.

with myself.
for myself.

the timing is perfect.
it always is, isn't it?

oh, january,
you were good to me through all the pain.
this is possibly one of the greatest gifts i could recieve
right now.

the gift of bravely connecting with me.
(i think i like her too- not sure yet...i'll keep you posted.)

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