Monday, February 27, 2012


we joke that having teenagers is like having a newborn

(up all hours of the night. not sure how to navigate new terrain.
confused and exhausted by the wailing, red faced child that is a part of the family all of a sudden)
not that he was there for the newborn part.
but he sure is here for the teenager part.
solid. commited. rock star stepdad.

we are busy. ridiculously busy. torn away from each other and the closeness we crave
by the demands, choices, and people that we love so much. by the realities of life and sickness and responsibilities.

but oh how we miss each other.
don't get me wrong.
 we are together every day.
 every single day we sit and talk and cuddle and catch up and soak into each other.
but we needed more than that.

we needed a return to the old way of loving.
the candlelit dinners, the one too many bitefuls, the shared pitcher.
the freedom that comes from long, uninterupted time and no cares.
if only for a moment.

and we found it.
we deliberatly, and perhaps foolheartedly found it.
i took biteful after biteful and didn't care of the consequences.
because for one night we needed to forget.
forget that there are restraints and pressures and stress and sorrow.

so we forgot our lives
for a few hours and filled up that craving.
it was beyond good.
it was perfect.
and it makes our life richer looking ahead.

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