Thursday, February 2, 2012

this is on my mind these days.
i am finding those place.
the places that are filled with affirming life.
i have felt a huge shift.
an awakening
a connection.
with myself.
just in the past 3 days..
it keeps growing and doesn't want to stop.

my journal is full of brave words and exclamation points!
    my steps feel lighter than they have in  a while.

this is good. so good.
and i am so grateful.


  1. Isn't "toleration" a shabby virtue?

    1) Hitting home with a sting, the words on your picture reminded me how often I "tolerate" my children (some of them more than others) - but at the same time inspired me to fight harder for my enjoyment of them.

    2) And it also suddenly gave me a phrase to explain those itchy, uncomfortable social settings where I constantly feel our family of children-being-children is...neither despised nor welcomed...but merely...tolerated.

    1. we need to have tea and chat about "hitting home with a sting"

  2. My journal has become my healing place. I arrive with so many questions, so many wounds and sometimes I leave with gashes sown up. If only I could convince others to embrace this "doctors office".

    1. every day i find myself spending more and more time painting and cutting and gluing and writing and looking! i embrace it fully as my therapist:)