Wednesday, February 15, 2012

a web of love...

we build it carefully and slowly,
taking moments and days and sometimes years
we build it through time and action
words and deeds.
we build it with patience and determination

we string together trust and connnections
vulnerably at times and joyfully at others.
connections become stronger and more closely intertwined with each
and every interaction,
twisting close together, making the web strong and sturdy
with small spaces between the love.
it's hard to slip through small spaces.

this web of love is bouncy and wide and held sturdily between the people it encompasses.
instead of catching  bugs like a spider does
this web catches caring and love and encouragement
and hope and second chances and joyful moments.

it catches tears and heartache and feels the sobs in the night.
these strings glisten with the teardrops and  catch the joyful light that a new morning
 then all these wonders of love are bounced and spilled over
whenever they are needed.
always refilling with more for the next time.

sometimes the web of love sits quietly,
gathering dust if it isn't carefully tended with care.
daily tending makes for a strong web i am noticing.

there are days, months and sometimes years that can go by
but the moment there is love needed
all the wonderful qualities that are stored amongst the strands
 spill off and into and onto and all around
 the person who is needing help
or a friend or just someone who believes in them.

we have been building a web with great determination these past few years.
our web has seen so many different contributors and the additions are so wonderful and good.
love is so wonderful and good.
i am in love with the belief that love can save lives.
love is always the answer.
at least that's what my heart says to me.

we are still busy here
in our little home
helping with the
saving of a shiny, bright life.
she is doing her own hard, true work and we stand holding the web,
spilling the love goodness  all over her
the journey isn't over.
please believe with us that our web is a catcher of souls
and a sharer of love.
our web is so strong,
thanks to our community of lovers,
that not one will slip though the holes.

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