Friday, February 3, 2012

grateful for so much...

the sun shone so brightly this morning, john did a kefir drop off for me, owen's daily call, meals planned out so i don't have to think so much this week, powerful friendship stories.

dishes done, stew bubbling, sunshine burning through the clouds, my mom driving me to treatment, hannah's positive feedback on her english assignments, having a very talented husband who can snake drains, a happy hannah.

laughing and singing in the car, a kiss! a spontaneous kiss! company for couch sitting, the calming that comes from scissors, paper and glue, owen making it home safely at the end of a work day, knowing at some level that this upset within me is just the medicine talking, feeling baby in Dorothea's tummy.

power came back on in time for the start of the day, the sound of small ones playing in the neighbourhood, glorious blue sky and sunshine, berry tea, library outing, suprise tea date with jenn, warm sun through the windows.

mail from a friend, we are a team, our bed is so warm, hot baths, reading poetry, discovering the fun of the second draft with a thesaurus beside me, the girl chose to listen.

blueberries in kefir, the ritual of morning tea and coffe, owen has a home day, all the beds are full, time spent with a dear friend, steaks marinating for the men, a Tejan visit, root veggie chips, poetry date night.

therapeutic journaling, gid went for a run, a very quiet house, the lost was found, watching BABIES, laughing, the dishwasher worked today.

she got up on her own, talking things out with Gid is always good, a clean kitchen, ate applesauce, clean slipcovers, discovered Julie daniluck, picked up a yoga brochure, sister chats while driving to East Sooke, yoga.

post yoga muscles, a bubble bath in the middle of the afternoon, sally ann finds, new babies, brave acts all over the place.

honeybees, tea notes, people who save seeds, new inspiration, sudden backyard blanket party, cotton ball clouds, art journaling, the talking of the chickens, driving time with Gid.

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