Monday, February 13, 2012

just dropping in...

often as  i wander through my morning
i begin to formulate in my mind what i am feeling
i might be blogging about that day.
most days this comes as naturally as my hair is curly
but some days,
days like today
there isn't much.
i feel quiet.
but blogging is a daily practice for me
just as my morning reading, gratitude journal
and tea drinking are.
so i come to this space
to type.
and to say hello to my thoughts
and to you.
it is an intentional recording of my story.
so that i remember.

i need to remember
because when i forget
i become more judgemental of myself and of others
and i am working very hard to love both myself
and others
just right where they are
just right how they are
just because they and i are worthy of love.
all the time.

somehow, for me,
remembering my story and my daily journey
helps me to be more loving and generous
and creative and genuine.

so today,
nothing much to say
just hello.
take care of yourself today
i did.

(and for all of you who lost me for the past few weeks,
i am glad we found each other again)

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