Saturday, February 18, 2012


i am full of curiosity.
i wonder about all sorts of things.
i keep a curiosity list.

my inner critic would like to tell me my curiosity
is immature or perhaps foolish.
kinda like my wishing i do.
but i think not.

i think curiosity is one of the habits of a hopeful girl
of an optimist
an explorer of the world...

right now my curiosity list looks like this:

i am curious about
making my own bath products
  how much i need to spend to collect enough air miles to go somewhere warm
the role of genetics and can we beat them
growing my own onions
where all the towels in this house go
the proper structure of a poem
just how to keep my camera clean
saving babies in Haiti
how to prevent the racoons from eating our beloved chickens
nature vs. nurture
true love and how some people miss out on it
just what can i actually mail at the post office

what are you curious about?


  1. I want to grow Walla Walla Onions!! I am curious about child rearing, growing food on my patio, art journalling with things I have in my house, how long this baby will enjoy the comfort of my womb before venturing into this noisy world, and how much we will have to save up to go to San Diego next January.

  2. I am curious about what on a earth a person who lacks curiosity thinks about all day... I am curious about what my children will be like as teenagers and adults; I am curious about God, truth, and the point of the universe; I am curious about which foods are nourishing, why some buildings are beautiful, and what makes a happy family. I am curious about myself; I am curious about other people; I am nosy and inquisitive.

  3. i love your curiosity lists..thanks for answering my question:) and Corrie, yes! what do people who lack curiosity think about all day...that is a great thing to be curious about. Dorothea...lets grow a bed of walla walla onions together in my back yard..i have space:)