Wednesday, February 8, 2012

i knew i loved this space.

i just didn't reilize how much
until this morning
for some reason
unkown to me
i was logged out
and unable to log back in.

hannah tried. gideon tried.
i kept that sensless trying that you know isn't going to help
but you do it anyway,
feeling yourself get all worked up and upset.

i had visions of never blogging again.
of losing my story
that i have so vulnerably typed away here in this space.
i, of course,
disapointing people
by not showing up.

oh ,it was pretty classic

then i stepped away.
decided that my life would indeed continue
blog or no blog
and besides, i needed to get myself together
i am having company any moment now.
how would i be able to explain my frenzy
over something as simple and replaceable as a blog.

of course, stepping away always helps solve the problem at hand
and here i am.
good as new.
heart rate has returned to normal and i am happily
pounding out my thoughts. 

so what i reilized
is that this is a valuable place for me.

it serves a purpose in my life
and has a role to play.

thank you for joining me.

oh! i also figured out how to respond to comments..
so if you do leave comments..i can respond!
and for those of you who don't have accounts,
you can always leave comments as annonymous and just add your name to your comment
(just in case you didn't know, like i didn't)


  1. I'm so glad that you are here. Blogging and sharing your story. It blesses!!