Thursday, February 16, 2012

throwing out wishes...

do you have a wish?
desire - will - want - request - longing - aspiration
as the google dictionary puts it?

sometimes i get to wishing.
i make doodles or lists of my wishes.
today feels like a wish list sorta day.

want to know a secret?
i'm still in my pj's.
these past few days have wiped us out.
emotionally and then of course,
so, yes, at 1 pm in the afternoon.
i look like i just got out of bed.

but that's not the point of this blog post.
this is about wishing.

sometimes i wish for simple things
like fresh flowers in every room
a bit of extra money at the end of the month to tuck away for a holiday fund.
perhaps a choice of bubble baths to choose from.

other wish lists seems more serious.
important perhaps.

a chunk of land to donate as a community garden so that families could garden together and have fresh produce
(this is a reccuring wish of mine)
that city budgets considered the needs of the children in their communities
world peace
health and accessible clean water for everyone.
those sorts of wishes.

 most days,
i wish for this

that we would be able to see ourselves as others see us.
that we would be able to love ourselves as others love us.
that we would embrace our potential and become just that wonderful.

 imagine what would come of us believing in ourselves
that much!
and all that believing would spill over onto each other and before we knew it
there would be fresh flowers in every room
and community gardens would spring up
and children and adults would play and work together
and all the wishes we wished could come true.

that is what i am wishing today
not world peace,
just our own inner peace.

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