Friday, February 17, 2012

there aren't enough cups of tea...

there are not enough cups of tea today
to push through the sadness.

and that is okay.
it is okay to be sad
i have often told others.
it is healing and stretching to sit with our emotions
especially the ones that might frighten us or bring up feelings of vulnerability.
sit with them.
invite them in.
make them tea.
befriend these emotions that just want to be heard

they pass

like clouds in the sky, like the seasons of the year
hard emotions and their whispers and tourment.
they pass

but today
i am sad.
i am heavy and weary and so i turn to what i know works for me.
i journal, i create, i bake bread, i write notes of encouragement to others,
i brew pots and pots of tea, i keep the lights off, i wear slippers and i am quiet.

i am quiet as a way of not saying anything that will later bring regret
because sometimes sadness can get mixed up with anger or judgement or accusations
or fears spoken out loud.

i am quiet because i know that later or tomorrow or soon,
this sadness will fade and be replaced with another emotion and so the cycle goes.

don't be afraid of your sadness
i say
to the curly haired girl, or a small one, or to myself
don't be afraid.

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  1. This is another winner...from personal straight to universal. You say it very well.