Tuesday, February 14, 2012

a love list.

warm hugs when feeling cold
affectionate glances from across the room
little notes found unexpectedly
back rubs
being brought warm tea
vanilla scented candles
warm hands slipping into yours when out for a walk
(especially teeny, tiny hands of small ones)
deep sighs over tea dates because you both get how "it" feels
unexpected splashed of red when you least expect them
(i love confetti)
love making that looks like dishes and vacuuming and grocery shopping
candy hearts with secret messages
turning a "holiday" into a daily practice
special love packages to be delivered
photographs that capture true connection
heart doodles
i love you texts from the curly haired girl
heart shaped pancakes with maple syrup
love cookies
teenage boys awkwardly searching for a way to belong
love letters to ourselves
the little acts of kindness that go on everyday right in front of us
lollipop moments

i sure do love love

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