Thursday, December 8, 2011

10 days

to hold chubby little bodies close
to wipe runny noses
to read endless stories
to be greeted by Carter each morning
with a "hello tania"
to use bright plastic dishes
to change endless diapers
to play with playdough many times each day
to patiently explain the importance of eating lunch
to sing the story time song
to always have a cluttery kitchen
to wipe sticky fingers
to be kissed and hugged at least 20 times a day
to take endless happy photos of little faces
to be called ta-ta all day long
to marvel at Carters magnificent sentences he now speaks
to tickle little tummies
to trip over the baby gates
to share my home with wonderful interventionists
to see the world through their eyes.

10 more days
i am going to be busy soaking it all in

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