Wednesday, December 14, 2011

when the flu comes to visit...

as i am re reading Ann Voskamp' s
One Thousand Gifts
i am
in a heightened state of awareness
around gratitude.

so last night when owen arrived
home from work
very sick
and when i arose from
not a wink of sleep
feeling a little under the weather
i was
careful to look for the good.

owen has a job where he can
stay home if necessary and not be made to feel guilty

we have a big stack of afghans to cuddle under

there are people in our lives willing to bring us whatever we might need
(we don't need anything, which is also a blessing)

as i
have felt less and less well
as the hours are passing by
here is what i am grateful for

thaddeus and his willingness to play with the little ones

carter's amazing interventionsist who feel so at home here
and are so helpful
(my kitchen just became super clean while i read stories)


it is hard practice
always looking for ways to be thankful
and it is
a practice that in my own life
brings abundance
the more grateful i am
the more i see to be grateful for
and the smaller those big problems become
the little problems almost dissapear entirely.

this does not mean that
i am a pro at this.
obviously i am not
that's why it's called a practice.
a habit.
a daily intention.

and the little gratitude book
becomes thick with entries
and the blog gratitude lists
keep on coming
and i
count my blessings
one by one
before we know it
the flu will be gone.

1 comment:

  1. ...the flu is not fun, so I don't have much to say about that
    BUT I do like that your purple nail polish is still on!! :)
    Keep filling up that cup of tea (and your gratitude book),