Saturday, December 24, 2011

merry and bright

may our next few days
merry and bright.
might we
soak up the goodness, the noisy chatter
the piles of paper and bows
the sugar and sweets
the turkey and whatever else graces our tables.
let us be
aware that this time is a gift
and it comes but once a year

please be in the moment
whatever that moment may be
wherever we may find ourselves these next few days
and take the gift that is offered us.

may we
hug often and freely
say i love you more than we might normally do.
sing with gusto and dare to be silly
might we
wrap ourselves
 with garlands of generosity and joy
catch some of the magic
that sparkles in young eyes.
lets all
smile broadly
and let some of the weariness of the past year go

bless and be blessed.
merry christmas dear family and friends of mine.

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